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Hernadez-Cedillo Wedding
Shiner KC Hall
Henry K's

I started my career in January 2000, actually New Years Eve for a family event using our home JVC Stereo that would shut down when the music was too loud! The first years were spent as a club DJ in Waelder, Texas. Our music genre  was 10 years ahead of some mainstream radio stations. The club was called Johnny’s Club , and always  filled to capacity. 

As a father of two beautiful children, and a supportive wife I started to expand outside the club scene. I could have settled with my current status, but as I have taught my children, why settle when there is so much more to accomplish in life. Once I overcame growing pains, and conquered my own demons the rest fell into place. 

Since the year 2000, I have  ventured from Club DJ to Music Promoter to Wedding DJ. The best way to describe our style is I  have the ability to move an audience with my  ingenious music mind and captivating style. I believe music should be our therapy, which allows us all to put stress and cares on the back-burner for a bit while we decompress. My greatest moments in life are spent with my wife, our children, and our family dogs. 

Thanks for checking us out! 

Sengelmann Hall
KC Hall, La Grange Texas
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